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We are an architecture firm with a focus on providing attractive and functional designs that are centered around our clients' goals and budget.

Who we are.

Born out of the desire to help create architecture that is both functional and attractive for his clients, along with the belief that great architecture can be obtainable with almost any budget, Jared Petitjean set out to establish his own architecture firm in his hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana. Petitjean Architecture, LLC is committed to serving clients in the greater Acadiana area and beyond to help them realize their next project. By using the values established by its founder and a time-tested design process, we strive to create a collaborative environment where both client and architect can work together to create functional and attractive architecture that meets a client's needs and budget.

What we do.

Taking an initial idea, which is the seed of any project, and growing it can be a daunting task and understanding how to navigate the different facets of developing project can be overwhelming. Developing an idea for a project is a big investment of time, money, and emotion. Having someone on your team that is experienced in developing an idea from the ground up and can navigate the different aspects associated with it, can be a huge asset. At Petitjean Architecture, we can provide architectural services that fit your needs to help you develop and grow your next design project. Our services range from initial site and building program analysis all the way up to full design documentation for construction and construction observations. Let Petitjean Architecture, LLC help guide you through the process to make your next project become a reality.

Our Design Process

How we create.


The reason why a project can exist in the first place is because of the client. Getting to know our clients on a personal level along with understanding the project site and program is a key part of the discovery process. This information gathering is critical to help us get aligned with our client and establish a strong foundation for the next phase.


Taking all the information that was gathered from the discovery process, we then begin to synthesize that data to form it into a design concept that is in line with the initial goals vocalized by our client. The process is a very schematic in its nature to allow for both client and architect to discover what can be the best solution that matches the client's stated goals. This is where the building's form, orientation, site plan layout, spatial adjacencies, and materiality are decided upon.


After an overall concept is created that fits our client's program, we move into documenting the building design. At this stage our office works to create the construction documents that are used to build the project and get it through the different permitting and building code reviews.


Once a contractor is decided upon and a ground breaking date is set, our office transitions to providing construction observations. We perform scheduled site visits, review shop drawings, and collaborate with the contractor to help see the project through to a successful completion.

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