NuNu's Fresh Market

The project was designed while working as a project architect for Don J. O'Rourke & Associates. This project is included to show experience with large scale commercial & retail projects

Since the early 1950's, Nunu's has served the areas of Milton, Maurice, and Youngsville, Louisiana as a successful family owned business. With the success of the larger Youngsville store and the future growth of the Milton and Maurice areas on the horizon, the owners wanted build a new flagship store in Mauirce that would replace the current smaller neighborhood store and serve as the new hub for the the production of there specialty boudin and cracklins that is sold in the various stores.

The new 38,000 square foot store was designed to take on the looks of a typical country market on the exterior with a more rustic industrial look on the interior. A large covered porch area was designed to accomodate a weekly outdoor farmers markets and provide adequate shelter to patrons from the weather. The interor of the store was designed with space for the larger boudin and craklin kitchens, small café for patrons to enjoy plate lunches, hot food lines, curbside pick up, and areas that you would find in your typical grocery store.

Maurice, Louisiana
NuNu's Fresh Market
38,000 S.F. +/-

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